Technology Utilization

If You Invest In More Technology Will It Create More Value?

Companies invest tens of millions of dollars on technology every year.  Unfortunately, many technology investment decisions are made without rigorous financial analysis to determine the value created, the total return, payback, risk, and elasticity.  The challenge is identifying the benefits of technology investments and translating those benefits into credible cash flows and business case that can withstand the scrutiny of the CFO. 

After the implementation, even fewer companies actually measure the benefits to determine if the company is receiving the projected business value.

Translating Benefits To Cash Flows:

Welch Global Consulting has developed hundreds of financial models that translate the benefits of technology into credible cash flows that can be used to make intelligent technology investments.

In addition to financial modeling, WGC can provide Work-Stream Sensor Technology that captures empirical work-stream data that can be used to measure business value once an implementation is complete.

How Welch Global Consulting Can Help:

If you need assistance with conducting a financial analysis of a technology investment, or if you need to measure the business value of an existing technology implementation, contact WGC for a complimentary consultation.